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I mean let’s just call Sex and the City what it was. A WIN! A win for all of women-kind. Never has there ever been a show that talks only about the lives of four successful women, before Sex and the City. And what a great ride we had with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte for six short (according to me) seasons. We loved, we laughed, we cried, we choked up, we watched the same episodes over and over again to only to come to the crushing realization that Carrie Bradshaw the sweet dreamer, writer and fashionista ends up with a dog like Mr. Big.

miranda hobbes, sex and the city, best

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Carrie Bradshaw , Samantha Jones and Charlotte York

Carrie’s lovable, eccentric and caring nature won the hearts of millions of women worldwide when the show was still running on television. Back in the day “I am a Carrie”, was probably a common phrase (I wouldn’t know, I was a year old when the show first came out). While I love Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker as much as the next woman, I can’t help but feel as if the other three seem more appealing to me.

A couple of years ago, when I hadn’t yet watched the show, a friend of mine had told me that I was “so a Miranda”, and I was unbelievably offended because all I knew about Miranda was that she had short hair and was kind of rude. This opinion was based on my 5 second viewings of the show on television, before my mom read the title and asked me to change the channel. Now that I am no longer an SATC virgin, I can safely say, “I am a Miranda and I am damn proud of it”.

Before I get into the greatness that is Miranda Hobbes, we must take a moment to remember Samantha’s successful PR agency and enviable libido and Charlotte’s wokeness and confidence in her beliefs. If every woman had Samantha’s confidence and Charlotte’s wokeness, we would be unstoppable. Yet, I feel it is Miranda Hobbes who truly represents the women of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, not all of us look put together all the time, sleep with a different guy every night and we may not be able to get guys to build closets or redo our floors or even take us to Paris. But what we can do is dress for the job, blurt I love you to a guy in a totally inappropriate place and choose to eat chocolate cake rather than head to a bar to find someone to spend the night with.

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The world unfortunately, hasn’t really changed too much since 1998. Yes, men have been made aware of the fact that certain things they do are offensive and derogatory, and hopefully one day it will stick and we won’t have to keep protesting for equal pay and safe work spaces. But for some reason men still think that these requests are beyond just simple basic freedom and equality for women.

The Miranda Hobbes Effect

Headstrong and resilient, Miranda Hobbes was quite privy to these matters from the very beginning of the show. She was a lawyer in a big law firm where the male population dominated the senior positions and she always had to fight harder to keep her spot and rise to the top. No wonder she wasn’t in the mood to reduce herself to seduce men into bed, she basically had to deal with them all day long.  She would much rather just stay on her couch and watch some mindless TV series. I felt that on a personal level, only the mindless TV series bit though. I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful men in my workplace.

miranda hobbes, sex and the city, red head

Despite her crassness and ability to call things out as she saw it, she was also awkward, messy and a great friend when she was needed. There is nothing wrong with being a Miranda, and girls all around the world must remember this. It is easy to forget who we are to fit a mold and impress someone, but then our presence or that fake version of ourselves never really last for more than that moment. What made Miranda truly unforgettable was her aura. She was strong, bold and determined to get a hold of everything she thought she deserved and never for one second did she think she needed a man to do so. People may not always get her, but she knew in her heart that she always did the right thing.

Now 14 years after the show Cynthia Nixon (she plays Miranda Hobbes on the show) ran for the position of the Governor of the state of New York. A true New Yorker through and through, she has been an activist for a major portion of her life. I felt the need to mention this, as I find it very rare to see actors who maintain characteristics of their television personas in real life too.  The Instagram account @EveryOutfitOnSATC has also released special Sex and the City Merchandise including “We Should All be Mirandas”, t-shirts. This represents the reality that putting aside Carrie’s quick wit, Samantha’s unapologetic showiness and Charlotte ’s defiant determination (all qualities to aspire too I believe)  and a whole bunch of other qualities that makes these three so remarkable, Miranda was without a shadow of doubt, the most inspiring character on the show.

I could go on about why Miranda Hobbes was so great… but what I would really like to focus on is how we can all be more like her in our daily lives:


  • If you are not able to be yourself at work, maybe you need to change your place of work
  • Don’t be afraid to call out your friends on their bullshit. If you don’t do it who will?
  • Always have enough sweets in the house, you never know when you will have a sugar craving
  • Always carry deodorant; you never know when you might meet a cute guy.
  • Never feel sorry for ex-boyfriends or you might end up pregnant.
  • Say it like you mean it, you may come off as rude, but being honest is better than sugar coating the truth
  • Fight for what you believe in, even when others may not understand why.

I hope you all enjoyed this post of mine. My main aim was to remind women and girls all around the word that it’s okay to be messy, awkward and blunt. As long as you are living your truth and being the most hard-working and kindest version of yourself, good things will happen to you in time! We can all win life if we are willing to put in the work!