feminism vs feminazism

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.” 
― Cheris Kramarae

The above quote is sad yet and accurate representation of the true meaning of feminism.

Women are deep beings of love, courage, and magic. They are so much more than just one person, they often have to be dual and triple beings, to achieve happiness in all aspects of their lives. Whether it is being a friend, a lover, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a money-maker they all call for different energies and goals that every woman wishes to balance and achieve success. There are women who may not wish to be all of the above mentioned but they desire to be at least three out of the six.

I feel like this is where the whole idea of women being crazy comes from. We are constantly trying to be so many things all at once, this leads us to act erratically or become depressed and completely forget to focus on one very important person, ourselves.

Feminism is sometimes described as another one of the crazy things that women have cooked up. Granted, most of these descriptions come from men, there are some women in the mix as well.  There are women who have crossed over the barriers of what feminism is, over to feminazism. If you are unfamiliar with this term means, you better keep reading.

The women who do not like to describe themselves as feminists are often misinformed. They are not fully aware of what feminism is. If you are as confused as Bella trying to pick between Edward and Jacob (#TwilightReference) or Thanos trying to decide whether or not to kill his daughter for the soul stone (#MarvelReference), don’t worry I am going to make this super simple. So simple, that by the time you reach the end of this post, you will know for sure, whether you are a feminist, an anti-feminist or a fem-nazi.

What is Feminism?

feminism, femnazism, am i a feminist?

Feminism by definition is the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.


That’s right. Despite having the word ‘fem’ in it, feminism is actually a movement to bring about the changes in favour of all the sexes, be it male, female, transgender etc. This means feminists are asking for basic rights that ensure everyone has the same chances of being successful and living a happy, healthy and respectful life provided they work hard for it.

So imagine if you were up for a promotion or an award and your two competitors are not the same sex as you. You lose your big moment, only because your boss wanted to work with someone from the other genders, as it will be more comfortable for them or some other lame excuse. How would that make you feel? The only reason you lost out is that of a freaking chromosome!

Horrible isn’t it?

And this is something other genders besides the male gender have been suffering with for years.

The reason it is probably called feminism was because back in the 19th century when the movement first started, transgender and people with other gender identities were further suppressed or hidden from society.  Feminsim works towards levelling the playing field for everyone and not just if you are a man.


Let’s go way back

There is literature regarding feminism and feminist figures before the 19th Century, but the real movement only began here

The First Wave of Feminism: 19th Century and early 20th century
Planting the seed

This is when women for the first time in the history of the English speaking parts of the planet earth began to ask for equal legal rights including the right to vote, better working conditions, abolishing gender roles in the work place or at home, better education etc.

The Second Wave of Femism
Watering the Seed

The second wave women went even deeper than asking for rights, it asked women to take a look at their lives and realize that they are only living the way they are (i.e.domesticated, always well-dressed, talking up to men, staying at home), only because of politicization and existing patriarchal structures. It was more culture focused and wished to end any and all discrimination.

The Third Wave of Feminism

The Third wave began in the 1990s and this is when women tried to break down any barriers that have been set up for all genders. This goes into redefining what each gender can represent and each gender can achieve. This is also when the whole women can do sports, and men can do ballet thing began. But before the third wave, the movement mainly focused on upper-class white women problems. The third wave expanded into meeting the race-specific gender problems too.

The Fourth Wave of Feminism

It began in 2008 and we are riding this wave till today. It combines psychology, spirituality and politics to give a more holistic picture of the changes women of the world need. The core of this movement is to breakdown everyday sexual inequality and sexual injustice. It covers issues like legal abortion, reproductive justice; plus-size fashion support;  male feminism; transgenderism support, sex work acceptance; and developing content and media to encourage women to accept themselves, explore their options and not be limited by social, economic or political barriers.

Now that you have understood the backstory, let’s take a quick look at the two other terms that I was talking about earlier.

What is Feminazism?

Extreme feminists are also known as feminazis. They support the hatred of men and talking down to men, they do not think men deserve a chance to protest or discuss feminism in any way. So basically they think females should be given all the power because men have already had their chance.

*The only reason I used this term, despite disliking it so much is only because I couldn’t find another word to define opposite of Feminism. I consider the term feminazism highly derogatory and we should probably try to come up with a better word for it.

What is Anti-Feminism?

These people are usually misinformed about what being a feminist is. The women who are anti-feminist believe that being a feminist means they should hate men or that they wish that women should have all the power! WRONG! That’s what a feminazi does. Funnily enough, men who are anti-feminist also believe the same thing i.e. feminists hate men and feminists want to make sure women are paid more or get more opportunities than them.


feminism, what is feminism
feminism, am i a feminist?
  • You don’t discriminate based on gender. Eg: Expecting women to cook and clean, expecting men to know how to change tyres and fix things, laugh at men who cry etc.
  • You wish to achieve things in your life because of your skills and hard work and not for your looks  (not if you are a model). And you are okay if someone better or more hard working than you gets a better opportunity than you.
  • You often wonder why men and women of the same calibre or paid differently for doing equal amounts of work
  • You believe the patriarchal system oppresses women a bit too much.
  • You believe men and women’s careers are equally important
  • You are okay with people wearing whatever they want because it’s their life and none of your business.
  • You think women should have access to affordable birth control.
  • You don’t believe that women should be given more chances but rather everyone should be given the same chances.


fem-nazi, feminism, femnazism
  • You attack every person who is not a feminist
  • You think women deserve to be in the most powerful positions.
  • You are okay if you achieve things because of the way you look.
  • You hate it when men talk about their feeling or even cry.
  • You think women are better than men.


anti-feminist, feminism
  • You think if you are a feminist, you should hate men.
  • You think if you are a feminist, you are a lesbian.
  • You think if you are a feminist, you think women are better than men.
  • You think feminism and humanism are two different things.
  • You think if a drunk woman or a woman dressed in edgy clothes gets raped she was asking for it.
  • You think women should just go along with traditional practices, put your head down and never question the patriarchal system.
  • You think it is wrong for women to open doors for men, buy gifts for men, pay for dinner or even propose.


We must be careful when we cry feminism and run loose on the streets in protest, as we may lose sight of why we really started this. It is quite easy to get caught up and accidentally have a feminazi moment but as long as you are treating your peers with respect other times it’s cool.


Men often have a tough time realizing or accepting that they are in fact feminists. Men, please don’t be stuck in your man box. Be more than just a box. We can achieve equality faster and live in a just, fair and accepting society if men break from their boxes and understand that they are stunting real progress when they don’t.

At the end of the day, you are just a human being, who needs to decide whether you wish to be a part of the equality and injustice that has been prevailing for years or make the changes you wish to see about in the world

Remember to treat each other equally, with kindness and respect.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to read your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.