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The Purple Glitch Blog.

The Origin Story

Hi, my name is Pooja.

Sitting for hours on a desk, doing something I don’t love is a thought that would consume me for days, weeks, months on end and make me break out in tears in the most random places: public washrooms, buses, the street. Think of a place, I would have probably cried there.

I even developed health issues and anxiety issue because of my overthinking.

After almost a year and a half of wrestling with my feelings, I finally mustered up the courage to tell my parents that I do not want to get my Masters in Business.

I wanted to do something more creative. I wanted to be a writer; I wanted to create content that spoke to people around the world.

Thus began The Purple Glitch Blog.

I wanted to create content that would help people improve their lives, make them smile, laugh and most importantly think.

I am on a journey to rediscover who I was before I got lost in what other people wanted from me and I would be so honoured if you kept me company.

What is the Purple Glitch?

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Basically, it’s something I created in my mind. But don’t worry there’s more to it than just  that.

I don’t believe that a human being can be confined to a particular role, especially in our generation. Our lives are too multi-dimensional and our minds so distracted that it is hard to be fulfilled by just one interest, job or aspect of our lives.

Most people see that as a Glitch. As if seeking more than what is expected of you is not normal or impossible and you are just setting yourself up for failure. You either have to be this or that.


I believe you can be all that so much more.

We are creators; we can be anything we want to be. I am sure many of you are afraid to become all that you wish to be because you think it is not normal.

But the truth is: it is more normal to be a multitude of things than just one.

You can be a designer, a writer and a dancer.

You can be a doctor, race car driver and food blogger.

You are only confined by the limitations of mind.

Yes, having multiple definitions can be confusing. Especially when your relatives ask you, “So, what do you do?”

But that shouldn’t be something that stops you.

Just think of it this way.

You are so much more than what some people’s minds can even comprehend.

You can be, do, and create anything you set your mind to.

The colour purple represents warmth, intellect and vibrancy.

You may be considered a glitch, a mess up, someone different. But all of those things that make you different, are what makes you unique. Do not settle for one path; try your hand in as many paths as possible.

Keep the colour purple in mind and embrace your inner glitch.

I envision that my blog will bring warmth to soul searchers, create intellectual debate and help develop a vibrant, supportive and engaging community who are looking to make the most of life.

Welcome, to the Purple Glitch!

Please make your presence known in the comments section under each post.


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