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I have never really explored my love for astrology in any of my previous posts. But I thought this might be the right time for it. 

I have talked about self love in previous posts, be sure to check out my post on Self Love Secrets that will change your life. 

Self love is essential for personal growth and development. 

And your zodiac signs are indicative of where you might need to be pouring your self love to. 

Self Love Activities for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21- April20)

Aries are known for their brutal honesty, independence and passion. They are often trailblazers in any field they chose to partake in. They rarely care about the opinions of others, and never let it stand in the way of following their passions. They are usually the people you want to go to for direct, honest and rational advice. But they can also be good hype people when you want to do something stupid. 

Some Aries are known for having explosive tempers. They are also known for always being on the go, go and go and often forget to practice self care. They can sometimes be rigid in their view of the world and have a hard time accepting other points of view. 

Self Love Activities for Aries:

1.Spending 1 hour every morning or every night, slowing things down:

Take some time for yourself every single day where you slow down and enjoy the little things. Sip your coffee with the intention of tasting every bean and savouring the aroma. When you are washing your face, do not vigorously rub your face, instead slow down and be gentle. 

A great idea for you will also be to get a plant or a pet, so that you have  something besides yourself to take care of. At least this will give you an excuse to slow down. You can also try meditation, which is the perfect activity to slow down time and just be at peace. 

2. Travel and Talk

Yes, travel more and talk to people outside of your inner circle more. This will help you expand your mind’s horizons and be more open to other people’s opinions and feelings. 

Taurus – (April 21  – May 20)

Taurus are very accommodating people by nature. They are open to new ways of life and thinking. They can be typically drama free, if they want to be. Taurus are pleasure seeking people and love the finer things in life. They are extremely reliable and can make great friends and partners. 

One major downfall of Taurus is they are as stubborn as they come. They will not admit they are wrong and will fight till the end for what they believe to be true, even when they are wrong. They are also creatures of comfort, so they will take any excuse necessary to not to do what they have to do right away. 

Self Love Activities for Taurus:

  1. Seek Discomfort:

Do things that you think are hard and keep growing. If you are afraid of starting something new, traveling somewhere etc, try to do it. Doing things that scare you and overcoming them will actually help you see that it’s okay to let go. The truth is when you let go, things get even better. 

2. Treat fights / Disagreements as Conversations

Don’t view conflict with a fight or flight instinct. See it as an opportunity for growth and understanding. If someone feels passionately about a subject in contradiction to what you feel, ask them questions about why they feel that way instead of telling them why you don’t agree with them or why they shouldn’t feel that way. 

Gemini – May 21- June 20

Geminis are total chameleons, they can get along with basically anyone (if they want to). They can be super energetic and have the wildest imagination, which can be both good and bad for them. They are mostly loyal unless they feel a lack of commitment from their friends or partners. 

They can be extremely emotional and sometimes let their emotions get the best of them. They may spend too much time talking about things or mulling over things before making a move.

Self Love activities for Gemini:

  1. Train Your Intuition

The number one activity to help you train your meditation. DON’T CLOSE The TAB LET ME EXPLAIN. Through meditation you will learn to be aware of all the thoughts that come into your head and when something pops up that you don’t like, it helps you learn how to dismiss it or deal with it more practically. This will help you tune your intuition and trust your gut instinct. 

2. Assess Your Day

At the end of each day, have a conversation with yourself or write down answers to the following questions:

-What did you learn today?

-What went well?

-Whata could have gone better?

These questions will help you gauge a better understanding of what you want out of life and enable you to take quick action. 

Cancer (June 21- Jul 22)

Cancers are rooted in their emotions. They are highly intuitive and creative. They tend to excel at any activity they put their heart into. They can be an absolute riot to hang out with and will have you laughing for days either with them or at them. 

Cancers are loyal to the end of the earth. They have a tough time voicing their opinions especially against people they love and care about.

Self Love Activities for Cancers:


Journaling is a great activity to sort through all those emotions that you have Cancers. Especially those emotions when you are feeling down and don’t know why. Journaling helps you understand what’s beneath the surface much better. 

2. Speak Up

If you want something or just want to add something to the conversation don’t hesitate to speak up. You will never get what you want / know if you can get it if you don’t try.

Leo (July 23rd – Aug 22)

Leos are warm and energetic. They are highly social and amicable people, They make friend very easily. They can be very grandiose in nature. They can be very intense and passionate lovers and are usually great long-term friends. 

They can often be their own worst critic. Although they may seem confident and self assured, most of them are deeply insecure and tend to be extremely hard on themselves. Many of them also have a narcissistic side to the. 

To read more on how to detect a narcissist click here. 

Self Love Activities for Leo:

  1. Meditation

Meditation is crucial for a fire sign like Leo. They need all the help they can get to tune in and listen to their thoughts. 

2. Listen

When in a conversation to someone else, they must learn to listen to listen rather than listen to speak. A great way to do this is to ask questions when you are talking to someone. 

Virgo  (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Virgos are extremely hardworking and have incredible work ethic. They are extremely helpful and if they can, they will go out of their way to help you. They are looking for a way to be of service to others. They are also perfectionists in a sense. They try to make anything they do the best it can possibly be and are very prone to getting caught up in their work and forgetting to take care of themselves.

They can also be people pleasers to an extent. And want things to go a certain way and get upset when things don’t align with what they want. They can be highly codependent and can get extremely caught up with fixing others rather than working on themselves.

Self Love Activities for Virgos:

1.Set personalised self goals.

Set goals like:

Today I will be kinder to myself

Today I will take things slow

Today I will not try to control situations

2. Reframe your Thoughts

Anytime you see someone in trouble, your kind heart believes it’s your job to fix them. But guess what? Sometimes it’s not. You need to check with yourself if you have the capacity to be of service to them. Anytime you think, “I need to fix this or do this right away,” also ask yourself Why? If it’s to make you feel good and it’s not of making them feel good you are doing it for the wrong reasons. 

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

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Libras are highly diplomatic creatures, always on the side of justice and they try to do the right thing. They can be extremely kind, caring and anyone who ever truly knows a Libra knows that they can be a whole lot of fun too.

They are always willing to compromise for people they love. They are intellectual dreamers who can also be really insecure. The first person they will give up on is themselves. 

Self Love Activities for Libra:

1.Self Love Hour

For one hour a day preferably in the morning, spend it doing things you love – drawing, writing, dancing etc – whatever it is. One hour a day of doing things you love can boost your mood and make you feel happier. 

2. Habit Tracker

Learn to hold yourself accountable by creating a habit tracker. Create a calendar where you mark each day that you do something that will help you improve in the field of your choice. It could be taking a class, or creating something new. Spend an hour everyday doing something that will help you improve yourself or your life in any way shape or form. 

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

zodiac signs with low self esteem, most confident zodiac sign, most multi-talented zodiac sign, most attractive zodiac sign, self love, loving who you are, self love activities

Scorpios are fiercely independent and loyal. They are also extremely unique, no two Scorpios are alike. They can seem closed off and intimidating at times but that is only because they have trouble expressing emotion.

They are also extremely passionate about people and things they love and are not afraid to fight for what they believe is right. 

Self Love Activities for Scorpio

  1. Trust Exercise:

Trust exercises with people who are close to you can really change your perspective on how you feel about opening up. Also make it a habit to let the people who are close to you know how you are feeling. It’s okay to feel hurt and sad. You don’t have everything under control.

2. Journaling

Journaling can also help you get to the root cause of why you feel you need to control everything or have everything under control. 

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

zodiac signs with low self esteem, most confident zodiac sign, most multi-talented zodiac sign, most attractive zodiac sign, self love, loving who you are, self love activities

Sagittarius are extremely strong willed and focused. They are super warm-hearted and are not afraid to shower the people they care about with love. They can be very intense about anything they are passionate about  and have an extremely strong sense of self. 

They are highly adventurous. They are not afraid to stick up for people they care about. They are deeply intense lovers and fall extremely hard in love. 

Self Love Activities for Sagittarius:


Sagittarius really know how to live in the moment but sometimes they can forget about thinking about others and how they feel. They can be really oblivious and never pick up when they have hurt others. Meditation helps you learn how to be more present and aware to what is happening in the moment. 

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 21)

zodiac signs with low self esteem, most confident zodiac sign, most multi-talented zodiac sign, most attractive zodiac sign, self love, loving who you are, self love activities

Capricorns can be super hard working when they find something they are passionate about. They love order and rules and are usually pretty close to their family. They can also be very into traditions. 

They can be extremely loyal to the people they care about. Capricorns can be very hard on themselves and give in quite easily to negative thoughts. 

Self Love Activities for Capricorn:

1,Breath work and Grounding Exercises

Take deep breaths of 4 second inhale, 4 second hold and 4 second exhale, anytime you feel really overwhelmed.

Grounding exercise: 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste.

This experience will immediately bring you back into the present from any thought that has been bothering you. 

2. Write a Love Letter (to yourself)

Write down a letter and address it to yourself. Write all things you like and love about you and keep it somewhere where you can look at it whenever you feel down. 

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 22)

zodiac signs with low self esteem, most confident zodiac sign, most multi-talented zodiac sign, most attractive zodiac sign, self love, loving who you are, self love activities

Aquarians are really independent and quirky and always seem to have knowledge about the most random things. They are extremely sincere and can be really fun to be around. They can also seem extremely weird and as if they aren’t paying attention to the moment. 

They can seem aloof and as if they don’t care about individuals and relationships.

Self Love Activities for Aquarius:

1.Communicate with others

Say what you are feeling and let other people know that you are interested in what they have to say. Focus on being present rather than the big picture when you see someone who needs help.

2. Meditation

You are constantly overthinking and have way too many thoughts at any given second. Meditation will help you learn to live in the present and be more careful about the thoughts you are thinking. Meditation will help you live in the present.

Pisces (Feb 22 – March 21)

zodiac signs with low self esteem, most confident zodiac sign, most multi-talented zodiac sign, most attractive zodiac sign, self love, loving who you are, self love activities

Pisces are highly creative and life smart. They know exactly what matters to them, and are not afraid to go after it. They also have really good intuition about what is right and what is wrong. They are also non-judgemental and extremely big dreamers. 

They can also be really emotional and spend a lot of time just being caught up with their thoughts. They also have a tendency to close themselves off from the world and not ask for help even when they need it. 

Self Love Activities for Pisces:


Take a little time at the beginning and end of each day to be grateful for all the good things you have going on in your life. This will help you feel more positive and help train your mind to look for and create more blessings in your life. 

2. Speak up

Start telling people a little more about your life a little bit everyday. Even if you feel like they don’t want to hear it, if they are people who are close to you, they should want to. Don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your mind. 


With that we come to the end of the post. 

I hope you enjoyed the post. I hope you will try to implement some of the suggested practices into your daily life. 

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