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In this blog post I will be answering questions like:

Why stop using social media?

How to stop using social?

What happens when you stop using social media?

If your new year’s resolution, is to stop using your phone so much, at night, or while study, this post is for you. This post covers quick and easy hacks to help you understand how to stop using social media and why that is important for you.

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“Distracted from distraction by distraction”
― T.S. Eliot

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, watching endless Snapchat stories, liking every Facebook post without checking whose it is, retweeting random posts on twitter, oversharing pictures and videos of mundane day to day activities, jumping at your phone every time you hear a notification?

If you said yes to even one or all the above scenarios then you are most definitely a social media addict.

The reason it is called addiction is that it makes our brain emit waves that make us crave more of the same thing, it’s a high similar to what happens to your body when you use drugs or drink alcohol.

cheersing with alcohol

Social media distracts us from what is happening around us.  

One of the biggest problems our generation faces is social media addiction. It prevents us from being truly happy, it makes us doubt ourselves because we are constantly comparing our lives to the Instagram life of the people on our feed.


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Why stop using social media

1.Energy Draining

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Constantly scrolling on social media is a drain on your energy. Although it may seem like your fingers are doing most of the work, your brain is hard at work too. It has to process tens of images, and captions and flashes of color every second. This reduces its capability of handling other tasks that you have to do during the day.

2. Better Posture

good posture, how to stop using social media

I am betting you have heard the term ‘text neck’ before. Looking at your phones and screens makes you look down at a certain angle which can often lead to pains in the back of your neck.

3. More Present

girl using social media, how to stop using social media

Social media makes you easily distracted. It’s so easy to go down the social media wormhole at any moment. It doesn’t matter if you have just woken up, or have an important test or presentation the next day. Staying off social media can help you be more focused and be aware of your surroundings. It allows you to enjoy the little things in life, be more present and grateful.

4. Don’t need other’s approval

confidence, how to stop using social media

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are instant gratification applications. The moment you put up a post, the comments, and likes you get are like a mental tick of approval from people you know and want to know what you are up to. It’s a source of validation and as humans, we constantly seek validation, but receiving it from a technological platform is nothing compared to validation and approval we receive from loved ones and people whom we interact with in real life. I will admit online validation on @thepurpleglitchblog feels good, but in-person validation feels better.

5. Waste of Time

wasting time

You are literally “spending” time on social media. ‘Time is money’ and that is a fact. We all have the same number of seconds in a day, do you want to spend it staring at your phone, not learning, not growing, not building your dream, not vibing with like-minded people? It’s your time, spend it wisely.

Now you might be thinking alright, alright, I get your point, now what do I do about it?

How do I stop social media from ruining my life?

I’ve broken down the tips into simple tips you can start right now. So keep reading.

How to stop using social media

  • Turn off Notifications
  • Limit Yourself
  • Do something else
  • Spend time with real life people
  • Reward yourself

1.Turn Off Your Notifications

no notifications

This is step number uno. That little ‘ding’ when you get a message or other notification from an app is what really draws you in. The moment you hear it you are distracted from anything you are currently doing and that just sucks.

It’s like we are classically conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to start salivating the second we hear the bell for lunch. It’s the same reason you get hungry at the same time every day. It’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

2.Limit Yourself


Once you have completed step one, move to step two. Designate certain slots of your day to check social media, to like, to comment, watch videos, whatever it is you like doing.

When your mind knows that it will get what it wants in a while it will slowly stop forcing you to keep checking your phone. And once you make a habit of it, it will become much easier to be the master of your own mind and even do complete social media detoxes once in a while.

3.Do something else


Or as I like to call it the ol’ switcheroo. This means that the next time you feel like scrolling through social media for no particular reason, just don’t. Make a list of things beforehand that you should do instead. This list must consist of things that are important to you or that you enjoy doing.

Whether it is having a personal dance party, reading or doing chores, just do something else.

4.Spend time with real-life people


 Make plans to meet real-life people like friends, family, acquaintances, etc. Or even go on self dates. Interacting with people whom you care about and who care about you has a high of its own.

5. Cold turkey

stop sign

I saved the toughest one for last. If your social media addiction is really bad and none of these tips on how to stop using social media worked for you, it’s time to just STOP! Go cold turkey and don’t use social media that much anymore.

Start by reducing the number of apps you make yourself available on, to one or two. Then spend a max of an hour on it each day and take weekend social media detoxes where you do not use social media at all for 48 hours and proceed from there.

Now that I’ve given you all these tips and got you considering spending less time on social media, you may be thinking what’s the point of all this? Is it really worth it?

What happens when you stop using social media?


cry for help

Okay, so I will be real with you the first and foremost thing that happens when you quit social media is that you feel a little jittery and anxious because you are experiencing some Fear of Missing Out or FOMO. You feel like you are missing some big thing, but trust me you are not.

2. New Joy

happy girl

You actually feel happier. You feel calmer and elated almost an hour into deliberately not checking your phone.

3. Free time

chilling in socks

I am sure all of us are guilty of not doing a task we were supposed to because we “didn’t have enough time.” Am I right or am I right?

And in that “not enough time” period we don’t count the hours we spend scrolling mindlessly. So imagine how much time you would have if you didn’t do that anymore?


That’s all folks!

Thank you for making it to the end of another blog post!

Social media can be a real drain on your time and energy. This post on how to stop using social media has been a long time coming, and I am glad I finally got around to it.

It’s a struggle that I have faced for a while, so you are not alone. But we should be better than our vices and spend more time building our dreams and relationships.

I hope you found this post worthy of your time, for more valuable and inspirational content, follow us on @thepurpleglitchblog to get updates.


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