5 Ways to Spice Up Your Outfit

Don’t Change to Fit the Fashion. Change the Fashion to Fit You.

For people who are not used to dressing up daily, going out for a party or for dinner can be a stressful thing. It shouldn’t be. You should remember to have fun with it. You are supposed to be enjoying yourself, so what’s stopping you?

Remember fashion is one of the best tools that women and men have to express your mood and personality without saying a word.

spice up your outfit, dinner, girls night

Here’s a checklist for all the things to look into before stepping out:

  1. Where are you going?
    Is it super fancy, or casual, for a party or dinner? Try to Google the place you are going to before dressing up.
  2. What’s the Weather Like?
    Check the weather report. You do not want to wear your white shoes if you have to walk a bit to get to your location.
  3. Will you be eating or just having drinks? This is important in case you are like me and you’re a messy eater, then you can go for more glossy lipsticks over matte ones; on the days you have to eat out.

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous” – Coco Chanel

That’s pretty much it. Now let’s get straight to the good stuff. You do not have to stress out about dressing up, you should try to make it enjoyable. It always helps calm me down when I have a fun playlist on or when I have pre-decided my outfit the night before.

#PurpleGlitchTip: Your outfit must be comfortable to wear, flattering to your body and appropriate for the occasion.

Here are 5 items of clothing that can immediately spice up your outfit:

  • Chokers
spice up your outfit, choker

This little piece of jewellery can do wonders for your outfit. You can go for silver, metallic or (my favourite) cloth ones. They are so small that you may not even feel like you are doing much, but trust me they’ll be doing all the work i.e. making you look fabulous. They add a little edge or class to your look and changes your outfit from basic to classic in an instant.

  • Jackets
spice up your outfit, leather jacket

If you are worried that you are dressed to basic or showing too much skin, a jacket is a must. You can go for a denim jacket (I suggest you wear it during the day), leather jacket, bomber jacket, camel coat, suede jacket, long-tail jacket etc. You have a lot of options when you go shopping make sure you get jackets in evergreen colours like black, shades of brown, grey, or shades of nudes. Adding a jacket to your ensemble will make you look more put together and spice up your outfit.

  • Seamless Underwear or other Shapewear
spice up your outfit, shapewear, seamless underwear

This has actually been more of a recent revelation for me. Not that there are shaping tights, but the seamless shaping underwear part. Trust me, these are great at making your muffin top disappear in a jiffy. Wearing shapewear can make you look more fit and your shapely body will spice up your outfit for sure.
I recommend that you only opt to wear shapewear once in a while as wearing them too often my affect blood circulation and hair growth in the area. And do not buy them if they are too tight or uncomfortable for you.

  • Hand & Ear Accessories
spice up your outfit, earring, necklace

Okay, I know I probably should have added this with the choker point. But the reason I didn’t is that I don’t have a specific hand or neck accessory you should use. On your hands you could use: rings, bracelets (gold, silver and preferably really thin and sleek), charm bracelets, bangles or watches. On your ears you can use a wide variety of earrings; I will leave that choice up to you. But if you can’t decide, go for the hoops.

  • Light Coloured Footwear
white shoes, spice up your outfit

If you are someone who prefers to wear darker toned clothes, or even if you enjoy wearing light-toned clothes, a pair of light coloured shoes can easily spice up your outfit. By shoes I mean anything: heels, wedges, flats, loafers, ballerinas, sneakers etc. The light coloured footwear will add a certain hue to your whole outfit and complete your look.

  • Pantyhose
pantyhose, British, spice up your outfit

Ah the British secret to look inviting but not too inviting… ladies you know what I am talking about.  Pantyhose is a great addition to your look if you are wearing a dark coloured dress, and are a little shy about your legs, haven’t shaved or feel like something is missing. It adds a dash of mystery and the best way to spice up your outfit instantly.

  • Belt
spice up your outfit, belt

A belt can immediately spruce a loose t-shirt dress or shirt dress, add a little glam factor to your top and jeans options or even complement a pair of white or light blue shorts. Preferably always go for a black belt with a chunky clasp.


Now that’s all the advice I have to give to spice up your outfit. But the important thing is to not worry about looking perfect but rather make sure you are always comfortable.

If any of the above mentioned items make you feel too tight, too over the top or too heavy, do not wear them. What you should focus on when picking outfits is how it makes YOU feel and whether you can move freely, dance and sit for long hours comfortably.

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