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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good face mask, bubble bath moment as much as you do.

But what really gets me riled up is when people think that’s all there is to self care. 

What is Self Care?

self care, self care on a budget, broke self care, broke AF, self care DIY, DIY, real self care, self care tips, self care routine, self care quotes, self care meaning, self care list, self care ideas, self care for beginners, importance of self care, benefits of self care, how to start self care, purple glitch blog, self care blog

Self Care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.


Self Care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

The main purpose of self care is to help replenish your mental and physical faculties so that you can set yourself for success and happiness. 

The world is not an easy place to live in, but taking the right self care practices can help you feel more ready to go after what you really want. 


So I don’t know since when doctors or therapists have started recommending treat yourself pills and DIY spa days, but true self care is all about taking care of your body, mind and spirit. 


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Now without further ado, here are …

17  Real Self Care Tips You Can Try Even if You’re on a Budget:

1.Set Intentions


Setting an intention is an action millionaires and spiritual seekers alike swear by. It is the practice of deciding with what intent you decide to take on the day. For eg:

My intention is to complete all the tasks on my to-do list.

My intention is to be gentle with myself. 

You can either just think about your intention for the day or you can write it down. The latter helps cement the intention further in your mind. 

2. Healthy Boundaries


Other people are also important to your personal self care. If you surround yourself with people who drain your energy, make you feel horrible after you hang out with them, well guess who is going to be feeling drained and horrible at the end of the day?


If you find some people who just don’t make you feel good, try your best to not hang out with them or hang out with them as little as possible. Then slowly ease them out of your life. 

Also remember it’s okay to say NO, when people ask you to do things you don’t want to. 

3. Get Fresh Air


This is highly underrated activity and I can almost feel you shaking your fists at the screen because most of us are stuck at home. But you can get fresh air by just stepping outside your home for 10 minutes or even pacing on your balcony / terrace. 

Just 10 minutes of fresh air a day will do you a world of good. 

4. Go to Sleep


I see you, staring deep into your phone till 4:00 a..m. or 5:00 a.m. in the morning, as if it were the eyes of the love of your life. Yea, you’re not the only one buddy. I do it too. 

I am not asking you to wake up earlier right now because I understand how difficult it is. But you can try to go to sleep 8-9 hours before the time you wake up. 

So if you wake up at 1:00 p.m., go to sleep at 4:00 a.m. or 5;00 a.m. 

5. Budget Your Money


Self care is about taking care of yourself and you cannot take care of yourself, your well-being or your health or your loved ones without MONEY. And with the state of the economy, now is the time to save as much as you can. 

A lot of shopping sites are putting up sales, and all those ads on Instagram and Facebook aren’t really helping my lack of willpower. I call ‘retail therapy’, but is actually me recklessly blowing through my finances. 

Try to save a little money every single month. My hope is that we all reach a point where we are not living paycheck to paycheck, and have enough wiggle room to take impromptu vacations. 

6. Accept Help


You are not stronger just because you huffed and puffed and struggled and lost your sanity to reach where you are. Real self care and true strength is knowing when to ask and accept help. 

If you have 15 things that need to get done today and you cannot see how you can wiggle out of any of them, please delegate. If people offer help on tough days, accept it. 

It doesn’t wake you weaker, it makes you smarter. 

7. 1 hour Social Media Ban


Your first and last hours of the day are the most important.

So when you wake up, do not take your phone right away. Spend an hour relaxing and getting yourself ready for the day. 

And also an hour before you go to sleep stop using your phone. 

This helps to get your mind relaxed, and ready for the day/ ready for bed. 

8. Self – Reminders


I love this little tip. 

You can open your Apple Calendar or your Google Calendar and set yourself little reminders throughout the day.

For eg:

You’re doing great sweetie!

Great job!

You woke up? That’s awesome!

If you’re anything like me, and love a little validation and affirmation boost throughout the day, you will love this. 

9. Clean Up


Clean up your space, your room, your house etc. 

Decluttering helps you feel more relaxed and calm.

You can also get rid of clothes and things you don’t want, but I am not sure of people are accepting donations now.

10. Light a Candle With Your Favourite Scent


I absolutely love Bath and Body works candles, and anything that has vanilla in it.

Find a scent that you love and light a candle. This spreads the fragrance all over the room, and activates your olfactory senses. 

Fragrances and scents have the ability to relax your senses and put you at ease. 

11. Create A Safe Haven


Create a little space in your house where you just go to chill, away from technology and away from the noise. Make it cozy and comfortable with some pillows and blankets and maybe some fairy lights for mood lighting. 

12. Cook a Hearty Meal


What is your comfort food?  If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. 

Look up a super simple recipe for your favourite meal and get cooking. The satisfaction of preparing the meal by yourself and for yourself combined with the satisfaction of eating your favourite meal is unparalleled. 

13. Good Job List


At the end of each day, make it a habit to pat yourself on the back and let yourself know what a good job you have done. 

Make a list of at least of five things you think you have achieved that day or five good things that happened that day

Learning to celebrate your small wins is super important in order to override the negative thoughts that have taken up residence in your mind space. 

14. Schedule Self Care Time


Scheduling self care time is a s important as scheduling time to catch up with friends, watch your favourite show etc. 

Whatever feels like positive and nourishing self care, do that in the time you have allotted for it. 

15. Mini Dance Party


This is a tip that I mentioned in one of the first blog posts I ever published and will probably continue to recommend till my last post. 

Never underestimate the power of a good dance party, yes, even a solo one. Blast your favourite music and get that body moving. 

Dancing helps release endorphins which immediately makes you feel positive and energized. 

16. Start Happy


A lot of people recommend starting the day with the toughest task and getting it our of the way. And yes I do agree that’s great advice, but I have one tip before you tackle the toughest task. 

Do something that makes you happy. Whether it’s doodling, painting, eating a good breakfast, listening to a podcast or audiobook, watching motivational videos etc. Just have fun. 

This immediately tells your brain that you are seeking joy rather than problems, and you will find your day to be more joyful.

17. Meditation


Ugh! Meditation again! Yes, but trust me it works. 

PSA: it’s perfectly normal to sleep off during your meditation or get lost in thoughts. That is the beauty of meditation. It helps you notice when you get distracted and come back to the present. 

Meditation literally means to become familiar with and that’s exactly what it will help you do – become familiar with your thoughts and control it better. 

I thought I would help you out by recommending some of the best and easiest meditations that really helped me develop my meditation habit this month.

Here is a super simple meditation that you can do while you are still in bed right when you wake up. This is the first video that actually made me like meditation:

Jay Shetty has an amazing playlist of 20 Days of Live Meditation where he teaches you how to meditate from scratch and it’s incredible. 

You can save the entire playlist and do it for 20 days with him, and he will ensure that it’s a positive meditation experience for you. 

Another of one of my favourites is 

But this one I recommend only after you are done meditating for at least two weeks. 


With that we come to the end of 17 Ways to Enjoy Real Self Care on a Budget.

I hope you found it helpful.

Leave your favourite tip in the comments below.

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