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I don’t know why but sometimes I feel body positivity is starting to get a bad rep on social media. 

I mean, you could argue saying, “What doesn’t have a bad rep on social media?”

But that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people still think it’s their moral obligation to comment on photos of people who look comfortable in their skin with bodies that don’t fit in the tiny  size zero / model window saying,

“You won’t be smiling so much when you have to go to the doctor after a heart attack.”

“This is not beautiful, it’s obesity.”

“Stop telling people it’s okay to look like you.”

“Yeesh I would never be interested…”

My question to these morally obligated commenters is


If you don’t like what you see, simply unsubscribe, unfollow and block.

God.. some of these haters make me so frustrated.

If you see someone being mean in the comments, either of your posts or on someone else’s posts, please just report them.

It’s not okay to say what’s on your mind, if it’s going to hurt someone else’s feelings. 

Body positivity is an important movement because it fights two things that have held humanity back for so long

  1. Patriarchy: Telling men and women (mostly women), that they need to look a certain way to live a happy life.
  2. Capitalism: Telling men and women (mostly women), that if they purchase these pills and potions they will be able to meet impossible standards set by patriarchy and then  be able to live a happy life. If they don’t buy certain things or services they can never be happy. This is where materialism comes from. 

This is a post to celebrate all the inspiring, active and gorgeous body positive accounts you can follow on Instagram right now, 


1.Alex Light 

Alex Light is has personally recovered from an eating disorder who has made it her mission to inspire others to love their body. She shares personal experiences from her life, quotes and actual information about body dysmorphia. 

You can follow her here.

2. Megan Jayne Crabbe 

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It's officially been ONE YEAR since I quit (first-hand) fast fashion 🎉👗 I'm far from an expert on sustainable style (I'd recommend following @ajabarber & @venetialamanna for that), but here's one major thing I've learned this year: Shopping sustainably (and stylishly) is a fucking privilege. Especially in terms of money, body size, and time. Most sustainble brands are (rightly) much more expensive than fast fashion brands – ensuring every person down the production line is paid and treated fairly means the clothing gotta cost more 💸 good quality vintage is also pricier than new Primark. Sure, charity shops and thrifting can be a cheaper option, but what you save financially you sacrifice in time spent searching and sometimes in style. Oxfam isn't stacked full of current season styles in a range of sizes for 3.99. Let's talk sizes. Very few sustainable brands are truly size inclusive. There are lots of reasons, but ultimately, larger bodied people just do not have the same options. Even at a size 16 I don't have the same options as a size 10 (super obvious when trying to shop vintage), so expecting people size 20+ to be totally ethical in their choices ignores the size privilege involved in dressing sustainably. Again, charity shops have more size options, but there goes your time and ability to follow trends. Plus size people are only JUST getting the same fast fashion options that straight size people have had for decades. For fat people who love fashion, taking that away is different to taking it away from a thin person who can endlessly shop second-hand, vintage, thrifted, and always find something that fits. I would love for fast fashion to no longer exist, the effect it has on the planet is far more important than being able to buy a new dress every week. But I also don't think it's fair to have the sustainable fashion conversation without addressing how much privilege is there. Sustainable style is not yet accessible to everyone, but I hope we're on the way to getting there. 💜 My dungarees here are @lucyandyak, hand painted by @wearehairypeople (a community of artists who put profits back into ED recovery support & workshops) 🍭

A post shared by Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (she/her) (@bodyposipanda) on

Megan has one of the most popular body positivity accounts on Instagram and a super interesting podcast called Body Positive Power. She reminds people that you don’t need to be anxious about gaining weight, or be sad because you think it’s wrong. It’s completely normal and she encourages people to feel your feelings.

You can follow her here.

3. Jules Von Hep

Sunshine in human form, Jules Von Hep, creates and shares beautiful posts that are sure to brighten your day. He also has a podcast called the Sarah and Jules podcast and a tanning company called Isle of Paradise.

You can follow him here.

4. Libby’s Happy Project

If I had to describe Libby’s account in one word, it would be Mesmerizing. Her artwork truly feels like it’s from another world. She shares positive messages and inspiration through her creatives.

You can follow here here.

5. Sarah Frances Young 

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Let's talk about our FLAWS. We all have them. We all have things that are problematic about ourselves. We all have things we can work on. In fact, we can't work on them until we ACCEPT them, but it can be uncomfortable to look at the parts of ourselves that we don't like. The more secure we are about ourselves, the more we feel able to look at our flaws head on and feel comfortable accepting that they are part of us. The more insecure we are about ourselves, the more we feel defensive about our flaws if they are pointed out to us and we find it harder to admit that we have them and to address them. Flaws are natural and normal and we all have less than desirable traits – that's to be human. For example, I am sensitive to rejection and can get upset/angry over any perceived or real rejection, however minor. I am easily annoyed and argumentative, and I am overly critical and perfectionistic. This doesn't negate all of the great things about me! I'm also extremely loyal, honest, caring, fiercely passionate, compassionate, and brave (and we should also get more comfortable recognising the good things about ourselves too!). It's also important to remember that your flaws can have flip sides that are positive. My perfectionism ensures that I get a job done well. I am sensitive to rejection but I'm also sensitive to people's mood changes and can tell when people aren't okay. Being easily annoyed and argumentative DOESN'T always have a positive flip side though. Can you see some of the nauces of having flaws? Flaws are there to be embraced in order to create change, and viewing them as flip sides to our strengths can also really help us see them in a better light. When they don't have positive flip sides that may be the first flaw to work on. You also need to be able to accept your flaws without perceiving yourself as a bad person because of them. ACCEPT them as okay. It's okay. You are okay. ❤ #growth #healing #reflection #selfreflection #bopo #bodypositivity #bodypositive #health #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #mentalwellness #relationships #selfcare #selflove #selfesteem #selfconfidence #edrecovery #happiness #personalgrowth #motivation

A post shared by Sarah Frances Young 🍐 (@bodypositivepear) on

Sarah Frances is a survivor. And she inspires everyone who needs help to get out of a dark place. Sarah also tells people to be kind to each other because you never know what someone else is going through.

You can follow her here.

6. Stevie Blaine

Body acceptance activist Stevie Blaine, is an inspiration for people all over the world. He defies masculine standards that have been set on society. Stevie tells his followers not to view your body as flaws but to appreciate the beauty of it.

You can follow him here.

7. Joann

Body positivity is her motto, and she preaches it in every single post. This gorgeous gal Joann is all about telling people on how to love your body.

You can follow her here.

8. Grace

Future therapist Grace aims to tell people about how to heal your body from within. She believes that there is no one way to wellness. Grace tells her followers to love themselves as they are and work towards wellness rather than fitness. 

You can follow her here.

9. Hannah Witton

Sex positive ambassador Hannah Witton, tells her followers to learn to be comfortable in their own bodies. She is an author and host of a podcast called Doing It. 

You can follow her here. 

10. Hi.ur.beautiful

This is an aggregate account of many different body positive accounts on instagram. It has a collection of quotes and posts from body positive influencers from across the world

You can follow her here.

11. Sonny Turner

Sonny is all about everything that makes you “different.” Embrace your body, your curves, your culture and your features – that’s the message she wants her followers to get from her profile. 

You can follow her here.

12. Em Ford

Em Ford, the mind behind My Pale Skin Blog, tells her audience to embrace the skin you are in. She is a model who is not afraid to show her real skin and not hide behind Photoshop.

You can follow her here. 

13. Eff Your Beauty Standards

Created by Tess Holiday, this account is all about helping people of colour, people with disabilities and people with different body types to show up better and more confidently in the world. 

You can follow this account here.

14. Enam Asiama

Enam is a plus size model who proudly and confidently flaunts her body and personality. She is not afraid to show the world exactly who she is and that’s inspiring to watch. 

You can follow her here.

15. Ericka Hart

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A Black queer disabled non binary femme in her garden, a protest. ⠀ My great grandma managed a rose and vegetable garden in the middle of the city of Baltimore most of her life and then passed it on to my Grandma (neither of them wore pants or shorts to garden, always a house dress). My mom had a house full of plants. Gardening is the way I honor my ancestors. Its an escape from the world. A moment of grounding. I take all my rage out on the soil. I get to be tender and soft. Nature has never questioned my existence. Besides the mosquitoes that are clearly funded by the police, this is my happy place. ⠀ As I was gardening the other day I thought anti racism work is a lot like gardening, it’s messy, you have to identify what kind of soil you are working with before you plant anything, you can’t plant in damaged soil- you have to change the entire foundation to actually yield anything, you have to get in the dirt and remove weeds, you can pull the weeds but never think they are all gone or won’t grow back, you can plant seeds and sometimes you will get a result right away, sometimes the squirrels will attack all of your crop, you don’t just use one tool to get the job done- it takes several, often times you need more than one set of hands , sometimes my body aches all over when I’m done, some folks will use pesticides to have lots of crops getting a quick result but detrimental in the long run – gardening much like anti racism is ongoing. ⠀ Also, pictured, before and after of part of the yard I have asked the ancestors for and never thought they’d hear me. ⠀ Here are some of my favorite Black – run gardening accounts: @plantkween @hiltoncarter @sgardnerstyle @theblackplanter @blackgirlswithgardens @djfreedem

A post shared by Ericka Hart, M.Ed. She/They (@ihartericka) on

Breast cancer survivor, sex educator and activitist Ericka Hart is also a writer, model and host of a Podcast titled Hoodrat to Headwrap. An incredible woman and worthy follow, shares her life stories, and spreads vital information about race and growth. 

You can follow her here.

16. Marquis Neal

Content creator and model Marquis is an inspiration to all men. He defies societal standards by being 100% himself in every possible way. 

You can follow him here.


With that we come to the end of the post about Body Positive Accounts and Influencers to follow on Instagram.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, let me know in the comments below or slide into my DMs @thepurpleglitchblog on Instagram.

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